Is the future really set?

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what’s the difference between a dirty bus stop and a lobster with breast implants ?

one’s a crusty bus station and one’s a busty crustacean

#i’ve told this joke a million times and it NEVER fails

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#look who graduated from awkward shoulder clap to both of jim’s hands gliding down his upper arms #at this rate we might get a hug in the fourth movie #(and a kiss in the seventh) #so please keep it up guys (via lancastrien)


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everything’s so funny when u use the wrong measurement:

  • 5 gallons of homework
  • mouthful of lint
  • 20 degrees of facial oil
  • 7 pints of china
  • handful of fergi
  • 60 mph of dad

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get to know me meme 
favourite tv shows [1/5]: pushing daisies

"Well, who died instead?"
"It’s a random proximity thing."
"Bitch, I was in proximity!"

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This gets on my nerves so much you have no idea.


This gets on my nerves so much you have no idea.

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do you ever think about how fucking powerful charles is like he can seize full control of another class-4 mutant and operate his powers through his mind and like

considering how he only goes to measures like these as an absolute last resort, how do you think he even learned he could do that? everyone else in the x-men universe needed to train themselves to hone their skills; how do you suppose charles trained?

part of me believes there’s a huge dark time in charles’ past, maybe when he was a teenager, where he actually couldn’t reign himself in and found himself stretching his powers to their limits relatively frequently - freezing entire cities in their tracks, delving into the depths of peoples’ brains whenever he touched them, brushing by murderers and abusers who suddenly found themselves in a vegetative state with their minds wiped clear of any trace of humanity. and the worst part was - he never intended to do any of it.

maybe that’s why he’s so adamant to raven about big slip-ups. maybe he’s had to freeze rooms of people and wipe their memories more often than he’d have preferred (he’d prefer zero, honestly). charles never wanted to hurt anyone. he never wanted to invade anyone’s privacy or change their lives in any way but for the better.

the fact that charles can do all of these things while exerting minimal effort just astounds me, especially since he never does. he could literally kill every living being on earth in a few short minutes. to hold such raw power so dormant inside of you and then to be able to wield it as flawlessly as he does - charles xavier never gets enough credit wow bye

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an a/o fic where Charles is a beta. that’s it. all he does is edit people’s shitty fanfiction. Erik despairs that he will never get laid.

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Hyperrealistic Portraits Using Acrylic Paint by  JW-Jeong

(Joongwon Charles Jeong) on deviantART

Joongwon (Charles) Jeong is a hyperrealist painter from South Korea. A freelance artist and illustrator, Jeong studied Visual Communication Design at the Hongik University of Fine Art & Design in Seoul.

Jeong’s preferred medium is acrylic on canvas which he says is so versatile and its effect ranges from “thick, oil-like texture to watercolour splashes.”

With solo and group exhibitions in Seoul, Jeong is also quite popular online, especially on deviantART and Facebook where you can see much more of his incredible work.

Jeong lists his favourite artists as: Michleangelo, Titian, Holbein, Norman Rockwell, Sebastian Kruger, James Gurney, and Drew Struzan


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